The brand Rendez-Vous Paris was born in 1996 of a bet made by Franck and Philippe: settle down in the mythical parisian street Saint-Denis and become manufacturers. The union of their key points, the production and the marketing, allows the project to succeed with a first workshop. The specificity of the brand begins with a bias: a total control of the assembly line. Philippe and Franck opt for a manufacturing 100 % French to ensure an excellent quality of both the products and services.

At first, Rendez-Vous Paris is indeed a brand of manufacturing … Very soon, both founders have a new challenge : the use of a new material, the modal. Indeed, this material is not easy to master! However, the strategy of the brand is to make 'little' but to make it as expert!

« Little » did we say? If the brand concentrates on the modal material, the models and the colors multiply each season to constitute an ideal wardrobe of basic items. Very soon, the success is there and the brand grows: new workshops in the street Saint-Denis among which a showroom, new talents integrate the team...

Last bet of Franck and Philippe? Having demonstrated that the brand masters its production line, they wanted to master also the retail chain … Rendez-Vous Paris is now a brand which produces but also distributes its collections via retailers' network and a retail website! The challenges are not lacking and the founders accumulate new ideas and projects, you will not stop being surprised and hearing about Rendez-Vous Paris … In the meantime, what should you remember of the brand? A manufacturing 100 % made in France and a soft and comfortable material which comes in one multitudes colors and of models! To be continued…


Bias, challenge fulfilled !
Rendez-Vous Paris masters its assembly line in France and almost entirely in Paris … The challenge is to continue to produce in France while the suppliers tend to disappear or to relocate. Let's discover the ID card of our products to judge it for yourself :
Thread's origin: Germany
Knitting of the thread: France
Dye of the fabric: France
Cutting of the fabric: street Saint-Denis, Paris, France
Assembly of products: Paris or Paris region, France
Why the made in France ? The reasons are multiple … Concerning customers, we shall quote our will to master the quality and the production of products. Concerning convictions, we wish to preserve a certain knowledge in France so that the new generations continue to exercise these beautiful jobs! If the bet is not always easy to hold, we are certain that it is worth it...


Do you know this fabric ?
Modal is particularly soft and comfortable … We opt for trendy colors and basic cuttings to be fashionable without giving up our comfort!
Modal is extracted from wood cellulose fiber, natural raw material. It is soft, supple and silky for high comfort. Modal is particularly absorbent and breathable. The analogy has a modal behavior comparable to that of viscose.